APECOM launches video with associates to encourage the resumption of activity

With the aim of promoting the sector of communication and public relations consulting companies in Portugal, APECOM has just released a video with the participation of several communication agencies.

“Communication agencies and consultants, due to the nature of their involvement with organizations, have characteristics that make us a unique and strategic partner. We have been following a path of diversification of skills in the domain of the various communication channels and platforms, ensuring that the narratives are accessible to all audiences, at all times. The speed of adaptation that the sector has been demonstrating is admirable. The management of this crisis proves that”, said Teresa Figueira, president of the board of APECOM.

APECOM reinforces that the sector of communication consulting companies has competent professionals with several complementary skills, which allows for a solid and rapid response in crisis situations such as the one we are currently overcoming. “Everyone needed, and still needs, true and quality information, whether the audiences are internal or external to the organizations. The value of the sector lies in the intersection between the knowledge that the organization has - vision, business objectives, barriers and opportunities - and the mastery of communication tools in its various disciplines, from corporate communication, crisis management, media consultancy, communication internal, social networks, digital” concludes Teresa Figueira.

APECOM represents the sector of communication and public relations consulting companies in Portugal. It currently comprises 24 companies that are responsible for around 70% of the sector's turnover and employment.

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