APECOM regrets the death of its founder Joaquim Martins Lampreia

2022 01/17

APECOM regrets the death of its founder Joaquim Martins Lampreia

The direction of APECOM regrets the death of Joaquim Martins Lampreia, an unavoidable figure in the Communication and Public Relations sector.

Joaquim Martins Lampreia was, in 1989, one of the founders and the first president of APECOM – Portuguese Association of Advisory Companies in Communication and Public Relations.

“It's a sad day. The death of Joaquim Martins Lampreia represents a huge loss for our community. He was an entrepreneur, a man of vision and audacity, always ready to share knowledge and ideas. He was passionate about his profession, a communication consultant until the last day. On behalf of the management and its associates, I would like to send my deepest condolences to family and friends” says Teresa Figueira, president of APECOM.

In recent years, all its commitment and intervention has been visible and noticeable so that lobbying activities are regulated in Portugal, within a framework of transparency and duly clarified. At European level, Martins Lampreia was a recognized expert in Lobbying and Crisis Management, having been the first Portuguese person to be accredited as a Lobbyist by the European institutions, namely the Commission and the European Parliament.

He founded one of the first Public Relations agencies in Portugal and worked for more than thirty years in the Communication sector, having exercised his activity as a professor, researcher, consultant and author of several reference works. Graduated in History and Communication, he had several other courses, namely Crisis Management, Business Administration, Marketing and Public Affairs.

The wake will take place tomorrow, the 19th, from 7 pm at the Agnus Dei Funeral Center, Rua de Cascais 208, in Alcabideche. On the 20th, Thursday, from 2 pm at the Cascais Funeral Center, Alcabideche Cemetery, with cremation at 6 pm.

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