About a year ago, at the time of our election, we committed ourselves to a conscious and responsible repositioning of this association that, over 30 years, has always sought to serve its members.
The times are different, and they are of sharp change and I do not speak only of the effects of a war that takes place right here next door, nor of the conditionings of living in a pandemic or the general crisis of global supply chains.
More than ever, we face a fundamental change in the paradigm of functioning of societies and markets, in which all organizations without exception, but especially companies, are being called upon to take on new responsibilities. More than responsibilities, obligations! ...
It is not surprising that we have seen pressure on organizations to live up to their values, to make their purpose a mission, to enhance the societies in which they develop their activities. This change that we point out is mainly social, it has to do with how citizens, governments, or entrepreneurs think about the challenges that surround them.
It is therefore natural that the renewed interest that communication, as a discipline and profession, has come to have. As specialists in communication and relationships, our companies are among the best positioned in this new world to help overcome difficulties and constraints and take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that are being designed and posed.

Recent information (PRovoke) tells us that, in 2021, the sector grew, worldwide, robustly, at a pace of about 11%, to the ride of the characteristics and trends we live: hyper-segmentation, technological development, weakening of the role of states and multi-vector development of public affairs, increasing importance of integrating solutions and responses to the challenges of involvement of organizations.

And what is certain is that companies in our sector have been positioning themselves particularly well to respond to this reality.

But is that enough? Is the fundamental role we play in the lives of societies, organizations, companies completely legitimized? 

The answers to these questions involve effective consultation and convergence of interests. Business associations can and should be the preferred ally in building an increasingly modern and competitive sector.

APECOM exists to unite, to represent, to innovate, to consolidate knowledge and create value for all.   

We know that the evolution we face and that which is to come, presents us with new regulatory, technological and social challenges. There is still much to do (regulation, codes of ethics, reputation, integration, training). But we also know that this sector has the right people and companies to improve what can be improved.  

APECOM will be here to fulfill its purpose and mandate: to serve members, to promote the development, competitiveness and growth of the sector, Improve its recognition and reputation in society and in the market and develop the best conditions for the good performance of our companies. 

It’s time to join all the points and form a bigger figure because... communication is our meeting point.

We count on everyone.

Maria Domingas Carvalhosa

Chairman of the Board 2021-2023


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